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"Power HER Financial$ is such a unique and much needed space for female entrepreneurs. It allows so many women to be vulnerable and talk about subjects they might usually shy away from."

Christina Singh

About Power HER Financial$

Less than 2% of all women owned or woman majority owned businesses get to 1 million in revenue according to the American Express State of the Women Owned Business report. Less than 2%! That’s unbelievable and Power HER Financial$ is committed to elevating us to that place. 

Power HER Financial$ was founded by Tricia M. Taitt, Principal of The Art of Money Matters, an outsourced CFO firm and Treasurer of the National Association of Women Business Owners NYC (NAWBO NYC). She is a Wharton undergrad, Duke MBA, and former Wall Street Professional who has spent the past 10 years helping CEO’s improve their profitability, cashflow, and operations in preparation for growth and for sale. 

Through many conversations with women business owners in and out of NAWBO NYC, Tricia noticed that many women had a different relationship with and talked about their financials in a different way compared to male counterparts. Some loved reading the story behind their numbers and learning about their business performance and potential.  But others retreated, weren’t willing to take risks to grow and held limiting beliefs around asking for their worth. As women committed to using her gifts and talents to be of service, Tricia envisioned creating a platform and programming for women entrepreneurs to turn managing the financials from a task to a source of empowerment for growth.

Our mission is to educate, engage, and empower women entrepreneurs and executives about their financials so we grow to $1 million and beyond. 

The Launch

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Our 1st Power HER Financial$ Conference was a success!

  • 65 Amazing attendees
  • 6 Subject matter experts
  • 5 Consulting CPA’s 
  • 4 Bada$$ Million $ women panelists 
  • 3 Awesome sponsors 
  • 1 Thrilled founder! 

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The next conference is on
October 29th, 2020

"It was an uplifting and powerful event that gave small business owners actionable steps to move forward in a time of crisis."

Laurel Carpenter

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Community Memorable Highlight

"I can't recommend Power HER Financial$ enough! Not only is it packed with inspiration, but also really tactical action items. I got a TON of value from attending the event and connecting with a mentor."

Helen Todd

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