The Dawson Team at COMPASS Real Estate

Services Provided: Accounting, Financial Consulting, Reporting & Analysis


Case Study:  Mr Dawson manages a very successful real estate team at Compass.  He wanted to know how to run his business more efficiently, manage his spending and reduce his tax liability.  After we managed his financials for a few months, Mr Dawson reduced debt, lowered expenses by 20% and shifted to a more tax efficient corporate structure.


“Tricia has been a game changer for me and my business! She has helped me organize my finances in a way that allows me to clearly see what I am spending. Her experience coupled with her professional yet calm attitude makes her the best bookkeeper for me. She’s really helped me see my financial picture in a different light which is allowing me to make better decisions in a clear manner”.   Steven Dawson, Co-Manager, The Dawson Team at COMPASS Real Estate, NYC