Art & Autonomy Salon

Services Provided:  Financial Consulting, Reporting & Analysis


Case Study:  Art + Autonomy Salon is not just a salon, it’s a collective of seasoned hair artists who make their clients feel great so they can do great.  We met with the co-founders, analyzed their financials and proposed actionable ideas to simultaneously reduce costs and increase revenue.  They walked away empowered to make real changes and in a few months they reduced payroll costs by 15% and raised their prices 5% to further increase profitability while remaining competitive and yet, affordable.


“Tricia brings her experience in corporate finance to you, the small business owner. She has the innate ability to bring clarity to the sometimes overwhelming finances and budget of a small budding business. She will direct and give you sound advice as to how to make adjustments to grow your successful business. Tricia is a true professional and I strongly recommend her for your business needs.” Jeffrey Jagling, Co-Founder